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'Over the Line' is a joint production of

Where's the Lake Productions and Cloudy Sky Films

The Story 

Guilt-ridden over the death of her identical twin sister Billie, Frankie Stern finds herself on trial for three counts of murder in the surreal, dark comedy “Over the Line.” Making this film even more surreal is that the prosecutor seeking the death penalty is her own father, and that Frankie herself seems intent on aiding the prosecution.


Frankie reluctantly finds herself being defended by Matt, the lover she’d recently dumped because as she puts it, “I couldn’t handle your baggage, too.” And both characters do indeed have baggage they have to confront in the form of ghosts and assorted other witnesses. Frankie comes face to face with the harsh reality that is her seemingly perfect family, and she does so with a mixture of anger, wit and irreverence.

The eccentric cast of characters effortlessly defines Frankie’s uniquely skewed outlook on everything …from the legal system, to money, to religion…and most importantly, to family life and relationships. The twists and turns come rapidly and run the gamut from heartfelt, to shocking, to hilarious.


“Over the Line” is the recipient of several screenplay awards, including best drama/comedy script at the 2016 Indie Gathering International Film Festival,

and best dialog in a short script at the 2016 AOF Festival. 


Cloudy Sky Films

Founded in 2010 by Saba, Cloudy Sky Films is a premier New York City-based, independent film production company creating a wide range of work from television and web series to short- and feature-length narratives and documentaries. It began with a simple goal—to offer more opportunities for the abundant film talent in the city by providing a platform for remarkable screenwriters, actors, and directors. Cloudy Sky Films has garnered national recognition through festival awards for its films.

Where's the Lake Productions, LCC

Where's the Lake Productions, an independent film production company founded by screenwriter Bob Messinger, is dedicated to creating platforms for quality scripts which otherwise would never be filmed. There are about a half million scripts circulating in Hollywood at any given time, according to Messinger. Of those, fewer than 50 are made every year. Where's the Lake Productions is one of a growing list of indie companies that want to make sure that quality stories don't go untold.

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