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'Over the Line' is a collaboration of a talented and dedicated

team of independent filmmakers. Here's the cast!

Stacey plays the dual role of twin sisters Frankie and Billie in "Over the Line." She brings to the role a perfect combination of comedic and dramatic timing and skillfully creates amazingly believable

chemistry between the two characters she portrays. Stacey has appeared in films such as "New Year's Eve," "Steps," "Sam the Vamp" and "Confessions on Pleasant Street." Her TV credits include "The Perfect Murder," "Celebrity Ghost Stories," "Mysteries at the Museum" and others. She is also currently filming "3.5 Days," which she also wrote.

Cronin Cullen plays Matt, Frankie's broken-hearted ex. He's the only one who comes to her defense during Frankie's trial. The only problem...she doesn't want his help. Or anyone's help 

for that matter. Cronin has appeared in films such as "Brother, Sister," "Almost Paris," "Limbo" and others. His TV credits include "Trying Hard," "We Be Nurses" and "Cornelia." He will also appear in the upcoming film, "Descartes Highlands," based on the novel by the same name.

In addition to playing the Judge in "Over the Line," Saba is also co-producing and directing the film. Saba has appeared in

We truly lucked out when Greg Schweers responded to our casting call for the role of Daddy, a criminal prosecutor in "Over the Line."

productions such as "Chinese Puzzle" and "Men in Black 3. As director of Cloudy Sky Films, an independent NYC film production company, he has produced and starred in the web series "Sherry's Kitchen" and in the award-winning short "About a Week." Saba also wrote, directed and produced the feature film "Snow." His most-recent project, "Sam the Vamp," is currently garnering rave reviews and awards on the festival circuit.

Greg is not only a super-talented, veteran actor, he was also a successful prosecutor for many years. Greg has appeared in TV episodes of "Redrum," "Dead On Arrival," "The Perfect Murder," "I, Witness," "Mysteries at the Museum," "A Crime to Remember" and many others. His film credits include "D.O.A." and "The Karma Club." Greg is also a playwright, having performed in the title role of his play "Disorderly Conduct."

Dean plays Murray, a New York newscaster conjured up by Frankie to provide narrative as well as comic relief at 

her trial. Dean's film credits include "The Real World: Baruch," Neighbors," "What Boys Do," "Sam the Vamp" and "I Am Nobody, Who Are You?"  He has appeared on stage in productions of "Ferris Wheel," "Hamlet," and "Clybourne Park" among others.

Joe plays Mr. K., a New York sportscaster also conjured up by Frankie to provide narrative and comic relief.  Joe's other

Charles takes on the role of Dr. Amato, Frankie's longtime psychiatrist, new German accent and all (also conjured up by Frankie). Charles

film credits include "I've Completely Lost It," "Losers," Before You," "Flotsam," "Taking Chance," "Who's There?" and many others. He has appeared on TV in "Nightwing: Escalation," "Con Artistes," "Redheads Anonymous," "Mr. Right," "What Would You Do?" and more.

has appeared in films such as "Snow," "Sam the Vamp," "Another Thief," "The Day the Clown Cried," and "The Big Bad Swim," His TV credits include "Hillary Confidential," "Sherry's Kitchen," and "Connie's Catch."

Film, TV and stage actor Shelley Valfer moves the story along as Rabbi Sol Moskowitz. Shelley has been featured in films such as

"Spencer," "The Buffalo Kid," "Unorthodox," "Agent," "Talking to God," and "Saving Borshia." His TV credits include "The Perfect Murder," "Celebrity Ghost Stories," "City Bound," "Mysteries at the Museum" and "Shadow of Doubt" among others.

Michelle provides an exceptional performance as Matt's chain-smoking, super-judgmental mother. Her other film roles

include "Snow," "Hardware," "The Carnage," "Office Confessions," "Remission Accomplished" and "The Longest Hours."

David shines as Matt's cigar-chewing, Phillies- loving father. His film credits include "The Strange Ones," "Black Dog, Red

Dog," "In Session" and "Runner" among others. On TV, he's appeared in "Law and Order: SVU," ""Plant," "Space Available" and many more.

Ginger stars as Frankie's and Billie's long-suffering mother, Ester. She has appeared in films such as "Wish You Were Here," "Frat 

Star," "6-Minute Mom," "Sheer," and "It's All Relative."

Baxter demonstrates his versatility in "Over the Line," where he expertly takes on multiple roles. In addition to having acted in a

Jimmy plays both a wrestling referee and an emergency medical technician in "Over the Line."

host of films and TV series, Baxter is also a stuntman, cinematographer, martial arts expert and fight choreographer. 

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