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'Over the Line' is a collaboration of a talented and dedicated

team of independent filmmakers. Here's the crew!

Saba: Director, Producer, Director of Photography

Saba studied acting at the Conservatory of Dance and Drama in Cannes. He moved to the U.S. in 1996 to become a member of the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble. After presenting his own productions with Saba Dance Theater for five seasons, he decided to pursue his dream and passion as an actor. Since 2006, Saba has appeared in many independent movies, television shows, and major productions such as Cédric Klapisch's "Chinese Puzzle" and "Men in Black 3," directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. 

Bob Messinger has studied screenwriting under some of the brightest writers in both New York and L.A. His scripts have placed in competitions such as Francis Ford Coppela's 2006 American Zoetrope Contest (Semi-Finalist), the 2012 ENDAS International Screenwriting Expo (Best Script), the 2011 Garden State Film Festival competition (Finalist), and seven of his scripts have been winners in the Indie Gathering International Screenwriting Competition (2012-2015), including "Over the Line." His first production, "Dongmei" is currentlyin festivals.

Suzanne's producing credits include:

"Sam the Vamp"

"Sunday Brunch"

"A French Guy Named Saba" (68 episodes)


"Connie's Catch"


"Luludi Living Frames"

"About a Week"

"Sherry's Kitchen"

"Salima Speaks"




Shari is a singer-songwriter who regularly performs at popular venues throughout north Jersey and the New York City areas. She also has a background in radio and and television production and management.. 

Producer credits include:

"A French Guy Named Saba" (4 episodes)


"Connie's Catch"

"Salima Speaks" (1 episode)

Cinematographer Credits:

"The Actress" (1 episode)

Special Effects Credits:


Editor Credits:

"Sunday Brunch"


"Hillary Confidential" (9 episodes)

Dany Bouchedid: Associate Executive Producer

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